Once again, I was contacted by Device, to direct 3 spots for New Primavera Sound Destinations: Buenos Aires, Santiago and Sao Paulo.

Influenced by retro video games perspectives and vintage greeting card aesthetics, we thoroughly studied each festival location, referencing noticeable hotspots where the festivals will be held, while keeping the vibrant essence of each city. We also took inspiration from album covers, stages, and music merchandise all to give a genuine pre-festival feel.

On a closer look, you’ll find a number of animations all with an underpinning theme of music. May it be turning on the radio, playing vinyl on a rooftop, or playing the guitar in a waiting room these various tidbits of motion allow for the viewer to rewatch and rediscover something new every time.

The full production equates to more than 3 minutes of animation spread over more than 50 scenes. Our team of Directors, animators and illustrators collaboratively worked together building up each scene frame by frame using various 2D and 3D techniques. 


From rough animation to clean up.


The artworks have been used to encompass not only the announcement for the 6 festivals but also the overall identity including the website spots and main poster designs for each destination. We created every artwork with a texturized, bold graphical style whilst keeping a consistent form of design.

With last-minute production needs, we had to quickly produce the full campaign within a month, working with a team of 30 artists several based in different time zones. The project demanded we kept a tight work-flow, updating the progress in real-time to ensure the production was on track and would be completed before the deadline. 

By breaking down frames and focusing on the details, we found small moments of action that gave the overall production a sense of excitement and adventure. With last year's festivals canceled due to the pandemic situation, we couldn't be more thrilled to have helped create the artwork for this grand return of Primavera Sound!
Client: Primavera Sound
Executive Producer: Alex Julià (Vampire)
Produced by BOL & Vampire
Directed by Device
Directors: Guille Comín, Giorgio Gore
Creative Director: Pol Solà
Head of Production: Victoria Ventura
Production Assistant: Ariadna Pons
Art Direction: Marc Stuart, Fago Studio
Illustration: Alba Prado,Eudald Salrich ,Fago Studio, Marc Stuart, Nadia Moukrim, Nahuel Rollan, Raül Peix, Victoria Farelli.
Cel Animation: Bujor Stefanescu, Eudald Salarich, Ezequiel Cruz, Fernando Abaca, Giorgio Gore, Guille Comín, Javi Vaquero, Kyrylo Novikov, Marc Esteban.
Clean-Up: Axel Oil, Carla Cuba, Daniel Soms, Ezequiel Cruz, Josué Ducros, Luke Etcheverry, Kyrylo Novikov, Margarita Rojas, Oriol Rello
Typography: Juanra Pastor
Compositing: Edu Altarriba, Hugo Morais
Music: John Talabot
Sound Design: Facundo Capece​​​​​​​